Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When is relationship a relationship ?

When is relationship a relationship ?

Kind of a hard question, isn’t it? I think this is the most difficult thing to call hahaha..

Have you ever in this kind of situation?

You (assume you are a woman) are seeing one guy for some period of time, you are dating and see each other regularly. But however if anyone refers to you if you as his girlfriend, the colour drains from his face suddenly as he always say that you guys are going out properly but he is not ready yet to be in relationship, he wasn’t there yet, he was not even so sure to be in a serious relationship, with you, or with anyone else (whom even prettier of whatsoever than you).

I (yes, Me) slightly want to hit my head even my body to the wall or table right know – as I really really really know how easy to get into that kind of situation – and how it feels to be in that kind of situation. Yes, I do. And in my personal opinion, I don’t know if you guys have other ideas for this kind of situation, we must have to define and make the time limit, how long you wanna be in that situation. 8 weeks? 6 months? A year? It’s depends on how long you can stand of it. For me, 6 months will be more than enough. My reasoning is if someone doesn’t that strongly enough for you after certain period of time (with intense communication, dating, seeing each other), then they are never ever ever ever ever be strongly feel for me at all, and they don’t deserve me to spent time and energy for them neither. And one simply thing, He is just not that into you.

Because the thing is, men perhaps can have tons of excuse to not to be into serious relationship, name it, “Scared of commitment”, “I am not ready yet.” , “I have no string to be attached to her.”, “I just need more time to ensure she is the right person to me marry.”, “we are just having fun.”. “ Not ready yet to be committed to someone.”, etc. etc. etc. That’s bullshit. Totally bullshit. Because I believe that when someone meets with the right person, they can propose for a serious relationship or even for a marriage, quick enough. Yes, quick enough.

Be into serious relationship doesn’t mean you MUST marry her quickly, correct me if I am wrong, guys~. It means that being into more serious relationship, I mean, you can call each other as a couple, will give you more space and chance to get to know each other deeper. With casual relationship, there are always border and limit what- which- what – which things you gonna share to your partner.
Some guy say, “What is different?? When you have casual relationship and then you guys break up. With, you are in serious relationship and then you guys got break up as well. Both ended by broken heart and same disappointment, I must say.”

In my personal opinion, it still different bro~ *LOL*

How can you break up the relationship if the relationship itself NEVER been started?

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