Saturday, August 20, 2016

The struggles of being an ambivert

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Like most people, I don’t quiet fit into either category.

My 16personalities test ( shows that my Personality type is THE MEDIATOR (INFP-T).

Individual traits: 53% Introvert 47% Extrovert

It says, an introvert prefers do solitary activities and get exhausted by social interaction, and tend to be quiet sensitive to external stimulations. Introvert can quickly get exhaust their mental energy reserves and only tolerate such situation for quiet some time before they yearn for being solitude and quiet. In the other side, the extrovert tends to love being around people, engaging with external environment, more energetic, and willing to lead in many situations, and also enjoying challenges.

And I am in between. So here I am telling you the struggle of being an Ambivert person.

1. In general, I love to be around people, happy to meet new people and make new friends, engaging with them for conversation, and quiet adaptable to changing environment. But, in the same time, I can be uncomfortable after quiet some time. There is a time when I refuse to talk to strangers or start conversation with new people and choose being quiet and enjoy my “me time”.

2. In the conversation, I will be very happy to join in and show my highly interest when the interesting topic comes up. But after quiet sometime, as soon as the topics are done, I’ll sign my self out of conversation and just listening to the conversation without saying more words. I’ll probably just sit there and busy with my stuff.

3. I’ll be bored af when I have been doing solitude activities after quiet long time and need to get into around people and join in the conversation. But as soon as I feel like spending too much time with other people, I will be very very very very exhausted.

4. I have 2 different type of personality. I try to be so calmed and controlled in my job, but totally different person to my friend see.

5. I can go out often and have hours of fun time being in a party, but suddenly I will find my energy has drained and the only thing I want is going home.

6. My friends show disagreeing about whether I am an extrovert or introvert. But most of them agreed that I am extrovert but in the same time confused by seeing me enjoy solitude activities.

7. I often find myself just observing what’s happening around me and picking up the signal that others can miss.

8. I love attention, but more often I don’t. Most of the time I don’t want to be the center of attention and choose to sit in the corner of the room, and just observing.

9. I enjoy for being my self, show my true mask only in front of people I feel comfortable to be with. I love to have quality time with my very inner circle while I also enjoy my time of making new friends.
10. Other people sees me so damn moody.

-N e e-

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