Monday, June 8, 2015

We ALWAYS know what we have. We just never think we’d lose it.

Why do we have to take for granted for everything that deserve our gratitude the most, for people, love, and possession ? For almost of the time, we just realized after the person, the things, and the moment has passed. We tend to assume wherever we need it/them, they will always be there.

Most of the time, we fail to realize the value of the person or the moment until it is missing from our life. It is a common thing that happened when the relationship comes into its conclusion. When we break up, it will be very easy to fall into that crappy trap thought. And regret it. Sometimes. But once you are in out there in dating world, sometimes we feel it’s too little too late and we have to learn from our unfortunate decision.

What you should put on your mind that no such things perfect, especially when you expect it perfect only for you. Think of how lucky you are to have someone right beside you, or maybe right in front of you, and to have someone you completely f*cking comfortable around. That should be a best gift, and have to be cherished. Don’t wait for the time when you’ve lost it to finally realized and see how much you take it for granted.

Too many times, people missed the golden moment to find the right person because he/she is too busy looking around for someone better instead of seeing what is ‘ready’ right in front their face. Most of the time, people fall into a trap called ‘The grass is always greener in the other side.”. People always want something more, something better, something perfect, but less to see the mirror that reflect them IS NOT a perfect either.

Happiness comes to those you cherish it, fight for it, and appreciate it, and it never comes to those you fail to appreciate it. Happiness is not the result, but the key.

In fact, we ALWAYS know what we have. We just never think we’d lose it.

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