Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Random thought


Some says, there may be a time when a committed relationship just doesn’t fit into our puzzle. Or maybe we have some bad experience in having wrong relationships, or maybe have a passionate, mind blowing, teenager love, and all the dramatic breakups that went with it. It seemed that relationship was ignited by instability, lieying, infatuation, irritating moments, heartbreaking. It was rocky and awful - went us into deep sadness, stresses, loneliness, and even in one moment can make us thinking about not having another relationship anymore.

And then we choose to be anonymous from everyone, choose to live our own life in our way. Or maybe being single will be the best choice (for this moment), you might have an open relationship with your partner, hang out with your friends, pursue your career, focusing on your hobby, live your life like there is no tomorrow. Even crazier, you move to other place that no one can find you, start a new life, built your own network, making new friends.

In order to reach your dream or maybe your purpose of life, maybe not everyone in your circle will stay behind your back.

All you can do is being your self, and live the story that no one else can live, the story if your own unique life.
Because, haters gonna hate, liars gonna lie, fakers gonna fake, and gossip will always be a gossip.
We live in our life, not theirs.
And we cannot pleased everyone by telling them one by one what exactly we are thinking about. Everyone has their own way to be happy.
Just be unique, be confident, and most of all, be happy.

But, sometimes, and in fact, you may be feeling lonely and in need of someone to hangout, kiss, and fool around with but can’t be bothered by the stress of a relationship.

And the other facts, guys have a natural git (and curse) of being detached from their emotions. They have no problem sweet talking to a woman, taking her on a date. In the other hand, woman tends to be more emotional and cautious of feeling being 'used'. 

Maybe, we can soar to the world that we will not fall in love with our guy best friend or our casual partner.


We don't pick to be fell in love with..................

- N e e -

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